Catherine Hardy Lavender Center

Health & Wellness Center

Monday – Friday: 12pm – 7pm
Saturday: 2pm – 7pm
Three treadmills, an elliptical machine, two stationary bikes and a multi-function weight machine. No cost and no membership required – just sign a release form and sign in before you work out.
Ages: 18+


East Carrollton Recreation Center

Indoor Walking

Through March 28, 2020
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10am – 11:30am
Inclement weather is no reason to miss your workout. Ten laps is a mile.
Ages: All


Cardio-Strength Aerobics

Through March 30, 2020
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:45am – 9:45am
Cardio-Strength Aerobics combines a cardio workout with core exercises. The class meets at the East Carrollton Recreation Cheer Zone.
Ages: 18+
Instructor: Anne Armstrong

$25 per month

Bonner Gym

Bonner Fitness Center

Through February 28, 2020
Monday – Thursday: 6:00am – 12:00pm Friday: 8:00am – 11:00am

Improve your health at your own pace while you enjoy our treadmills, weight machines, steppers, health riders, exercise bikes, recumbent bikes, butterfly machine and hand weights. No contracts are required and registration is monthly.
Ages: 18+

$25 per month / $20 per month for ages 65+


Through February 28, 2020
Wednesday & Friday: 6:30pm
Aikido is a self-defense martial art that teaches to blend with an attack, rather than clash with it. It helps develop a strong, relaxed body as well as a calm, clear mind.
Registration deadline: first of each month
Ages: 14+
Cost: $50 per month
Instructor: Garn Sherman (

$50 per month

Lakeshore Recreation Center


Through February 28, 2020
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9am – 12pm
Ages: 18+

Cost: $5 per person per game
Annual Cost: Individual $30 / Seniors 60+ $20/ Family $50 up to 4 people, $25 per additional person

Lakeshore Tennis Courts

Junior Tennis Lessons (Indoor)

This class is designed to introduce tennis in a fun way to kids.
September, October, November
Ages: 5-8: 4:15-5pm / 9-12: 5-5:45pm
Location: East Carrollton Recreation Center Gym