Bart is a native of Carroll County and his family has been here for six generations. He spent four years in the US Navy as an F-14 Fighter aircraft Mechanic. Upon leaving the military he went to work at Lockheed Plant in Marietta, Ga. continuing to work on Aircraft. He worked a couple years with a local company doing commercial HVAC installation and decided to make a go at building houses and did so until 1996. He was recruited by a gentleman from Sears Product repair service in 1997 to run the HVAC Division and Lawn and Garden Division managing 42 associates. In 2008 he decided to get out of Atlanta and seek local employment and become more involved in the local activities. He started with the City of Carrollton in February of 2010 with the Recreation Dept maintenance division as a Park Supervisor and became a member of GRPA in 2015. For him, it is an absolute honor to work with a State and nationally recognized recreational dept. with some of the finest people in this community.