Carrollton Parks and Recreation offers a variety of classes and lessons in cheerleading and tumbling. Tumbling classes are great for building skills, strength, and flexibility as well as preparing for cheerleading. Cheer classes are great for getting ahead of the game and refining jumps and motions or learning to stunt from an early age. You can register your child online at or by calling (770) 832-1161. If you have any questions about the tumbling and cheerleading programs, please contact Samantha Hudson at (770) 834-1127 or

Class Registration Is Monthly
May: No Class May 31 (Memorial Day)
June 1 – June 30
July: No Classes July 5 – 9 (Week of July 4)


We offer supplemental coaching to middle and high school teams that are looking to improve their tumbling skills, work on their competitive routines and learn new skills to improve their performance. Please contact Samantha Hudson for more information.

Recreation Cheerleading

Registration: Through July 27, 2021
Practices and Games: September – November

Coaches will decide and communicate practice schedules once teams are finalized. Siblings will be matched.
This program is all about teamwork and learning what it takes to be the best sideline cheerleader any team has ever seen! Participants will be placed on teams (siblings matched) and attend practices beginning in the fall. They will learn jumps, motions, dance, cheer, stunting and tumbling. They will also explore different formations and transitioning, how to be show spirit and project their voices, how to clap and stomp in unison, how to eight count and how to cheer their teams onto victory. For more information, contact Samantha Hudson at 770-834-1127 or
Ages: 5-12

$65 plus additional fees for uniform and accessories.

New metallic gold pom poms are mandatory this year. Uniforms are the same as past seasons (Black/Gold Trojans embroidered top with black and gold skirt). You may reuse a previously purchased uniform or purchase a new one, but every participant must have a uniform, briefs and pom poms. The spirit shirt and black bow are optional.

Important Dates:
Uniform/Accessories Fittings: July 26 & July 27, 5:30 – 7pm, East Carrollton Rec Center Front Lobby, Cost of uniform/accessories due at time of fitting.

Volunteer Coach’s Meeting: August 10, 2021, 6 – 7pm, East Carrollton Hospitality Room.

Recreation Cheer Camp: August 14, 2021 (Included In Registration Cost), 9am – 12pm, East Carrollton Rec Center. Coached by the Carrollton High School and West Georgia Cheerleaders. Bring a snack and water bottle. The Parent Exhibition will be from 11:30am-12pm. Cost already included in the Recreation Cheerleading registration fee.


Cheer Gym

Monday or Thursday: 4-4:50pm
Introduction to cheer and tumble. Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of tumbling, jumps, motions, and intro stunting.
Age: 4-10

$40-$60 per month

Intro Tumbling

Monday: 4-4:50pm
Tuesday: 6-6:50pm
Wednesday: 4-4:50pm, 6-6:50pm

This class introduces the basics of tumbling fundamentals and safety. Participants learn stretching techniques, bridge, cartwheel, dive rolls, handstands and conditioning.
Age: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Tumbling Level 1

Monday: 3-3:50pm, 5-5:50pm
Wednesday: 4-4:50pm, 5-5:50pm
Thursday: 3-3:50pm, 5-5:50pm

Participants will continue to train flexibility and conditioning along with learning bridge walks, bridge kickovers, back walkovers, handstands, round offs and they will be introduced to the back handspring.
Age: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Tumbling Level 2

Monday: 6-6:50pm
Tuesday: 4-4:50pm
Wednesday: 7-7:50pm
Thursday: 4-4:50pm, 6-6:50pm

A participant must be able to do a back handspring on the floor by themselves to progress to Level 2. This class will work on perfecting the back handspring, connecting it with the round off, learning front limbers, front walkovers and continue to include flexibility and conditioning exercises. The tuck will be introduced at this level as well.
Age: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Tumbling Level 3

Monday: 7-7:50pm
Tuesday: 5-5:50pm
Thursday 5-5:50pm, 7-7:50pm

Once a tuck is able to be completed without assistance, a participant may move into this class. Standing tucks, round off back handspring back tucks, round off tucks and front handsprings are all skills developed in Level 3. The layout will be introduced.
Age: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Tumbling Level 4/5

Wednesday: 5-5:50pm
Thursday: 7-7:50pm

Participants will focus on layouts, learning to spin for fulls, increased difficulty of standing tumbling and connections, as well as whips and arabians.
Age: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Youth Kickboxing

Tuesday: 3-3:50pm (June and July)
Boys and girls learn the fundamentals of beginner kickboxing, including the basic six punches, kicks, combinations and using punching bags and other training equipment, while gaining endurance and flexibility. Participants must purchase and bring their own youth boxing gloves.
Age: 6-12

$40-$60 per month

Therapeutics Tumbling

Wednesday: 5-5:50pm (Starting in August)
Participants will use different training techniques to enhance endurance, balance, agility, spatial awareness, overall strength and flexibility and learn basic tumbling skills.
Age: 6-21

$20 per month

High School/Middle School Supplemental Coaching & Classes

Schedules Vary by School (Coaches will communicate days and times to their teams)
These classes are squad-specific to the schools in our community and surrounding areas. Entire teams are invited to practice tumbling, stunting, competitive routines, jumps and more.
Age: 6+

$35 per month

Stretch Class

Monday: 5-5:50pm
This class focuses solely on flexibility training, both active and stationary. This is a great class for flyers to work on their body positions for stunting as well as for any cheerleader to enhance the performance of their jumps and tumbling.
Ages: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Stunt Class

Thursday: 6-6:50pm
Cheerleaders learn how to stunt, grip, cradle, toss, fly, perfect body positions and co-ed stunt. Signing up as a stunt group is recommended.
Ages: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Jumps and Motion

Mondays: 6-6:50pm
Tuesdays: 5-5:50pm

This class will focus on flexibility, sharp and clean jumps and motions and how to perform these fundamentals with a bright, spirited smile.
Ages: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Back Handspring Class

Mondays: 7-7:50pm
Tuesdays: 6-6:50pm

Participants will learn a back handspring, both with and without spotting. Participants will also engage in strength and conditioning as well as flexibility training.
Ages: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Back Tuck Class

Tuesdays or Wednesdays: 7-7:50pm
Participants will learn a back tuck. Participants will also engage in strength and conditioning as well as flexibility training.
Ages: 6+

$40-$60 per month

Open Gym



Tumbling/Cheer Private Lessons

Private lessons provide one-on-one instruction as the student works on perfecting a specific skill. Private time is often encouraged by the coaches, however a personal request can also be made. Lessons are limited to instructor availability. Prices are per 30-minute session.
Ages: 6+

Enrolled in Program: $25 (one lesson), $40 (two lessons), $54 (three lessons)
Non-Enrolled: $25 per lesson