Competitive & PreTeam

New Member Orientation and Camps

In April of each year, new members are invited to join the Carrollton Gymnastics Program. If your child receives an invitation, a parent or guardian will be required to attend a new member orientation at the East Carrollton Gymnastics Center before the child can join the program. There are also required summer camps that your child must attend. Information will be sent with details.

Carrollton Flexettes Competitive and Gymnastics Team

Competitive gymnastics is a year-round sport which runs June 1 until May 31. Our girls’ competitive gymnastics team program follows USAG and AAU guidelines. Carrollton Competitive gymnastics is a specialty program that is by invitation-only. For information, contact Ali Trent or Kaitlyn Gosnell at 678-390-6638.
Ages: 6+
Classes will not meet: Nov 11, Nov 27-30, Dec 14, Dec 23-28, 31, Jan 1 & 4, Feb 17.

See pricing schedule below

Training Schedule / Tuition
AAU Xcel Bronze / 5 hours / $85
AAU Xcel Silver / 5 hours / $85
AAU Level 3 / 7.5 hours / $90
USAG Xcel Gold / 10.5 hours / $95
USAG L5/Platinum / 12.5 hours / $105
USAG L6/Platinum/ 16 hours / $115
USAG Level 7-9 / 18-20 hours / $115

Carrollton PreTeam Program

Invitations are made in April of each year via email and letter. Competitive gymnasts are recruited to the team program through our invitational class programs such as: Hotshots, Firecrackers and the Flexette Flyer program. For current competitive athletes interested in our program, evaluations can made with the head coach for proper placement within the Carrollton gymnastics program.
Weekly Training Hours: 3

$75 per month

Gymnastics Classes

Sessions with no classes due to holidays or other facility events will show a price reduction at registration. No makeup classes allowed. To receive the most benefit, please make every effort to attend every class and arrive on time.
Classes will not meet: Nov 11, Nov 25-30, Dec 16-Jan 6, Jan 20, Feb 17-22, Apr 6-11

Fall I: August 12-September 19 
Fall II: September 23-October 31 
Winter I: November 1-December 12 (Holiday Fliptacular December 14)
Winter II: January 6-February 13
Spring I: February 24- April 2
Holiday Fliptacular: December 14

Parent & Tot

Monday: 4:45pm – 5:15pm
Tuesday: 10:15am – 10:45am or 6:30pm – 7pm
Wednesday: 5:45pm – 6:15pm
Thursday: 5pm – 5:30pm

The instructor will teach to your child’s level while introducing them to the world of gymnastics. Gymnasts will participate in gross motor activities. Class will be held in our preschool room as well as our big gym for pit & trampoline time.
Age: Walkers-2


Mitey 3 & 4

Monday: 10am –10:45am or 6:15pm – 7pm
Tuesday: 4pm – 4:45pm or 5:45pm – 6:30pm
Wednesday: 5pm – 5:45pm or 6:15pm – 7pm
Thursday: 10am – 10:45am or 5:30pm – 6:15pm

Promotes independence, following instructions and emphasizes safety and progressions. Participants will be introduced to the world of gymnastics through gross motor and basic skills. Participants will also venture into the big gym for pit and trampoline time.
Age: 3 – 4

$56 (Winter I & II, Spring I)

Hot Shots

Monday: 10:45am – 11:45am or 5:15pm – 6:15pm
Tuesday: 4:45pm – 5:45pm
Wednesday: 4pm – 5pm
Thursday: 4pm – 5pm

For preschoolers that are ready to start a more progressive program. The participants will start learning cartwheels, splits, bridges and handstands. This is an hour-long class. This class takes place in our big gymnastics gym and our preschool room.
Age: 3 – 4

$60 (Winter I & II, Spring I)

Ninja Tots

Monday: 4pm – 4:45pm
Thursday: 6:15pm – 7pm

Participants will be introduced to kicks, basic tumbling skills, strength, flexibility, handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls. Participants will also venture into the big gym for put and trampoline time.
Age: 3 – 4

$56 (Winter I & II, Spring I)


Monday & Wednesday: 4pm – 5pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 4pm – 5pm

Firecrackers class is held entirely in our big gymnastics gym. Gymnasts will be working on more difficult skills like bridge kick-overs, round-offs and pull-overs.
Age: 4 – 6

$80 (Winter I &II, Spring I)

Level 1 Girls Progressive

Monday: 4pm – 5pm
Tuesday: 4pm – 5pm or 5pm – 6pm
Wednesday: 5pm – 6pm
Thursday: 6pm – 7pm

This class is for girls with little or no gymnastics experience. The focus will be on safety progressions and basic skills. The girls will work on proper introduction techniques and the mechanics of rolls, levers and holds. The gymnasts will be introduced to all of the four events: vault, bars, beam and floor.
Age: 5+

$60 (Winter I &II, Spring I)

Level 2 Girls Progressive

Monday: 6pm – 7pm
Tuesday: 5pm – 6pm
Wednesday: 4pm – 5pm
Thursday: 5pm – 6pm

Level 2 participants have progressed out of Level 1 and are ready to use proper technique to carefully demonstrate skills previously learned. The gymnasts will be working on handstands, cartwheels and casts.
Age: 5+

$60 (Winter I &II, Spring I)

Level 3 Girls Progressive

Monday: 5pm – 6pm
Tuesday: 6pm – 7pm
Thursday: 4pm – 5pm

Gymnasts will focus on back walk-overs, front limbers, pull-overs.
Age: 5+

$60 (Winter I &II, Spring I)

Level 4 Girls Progressive

Tuesday: 6pm – 7pm
Wednesday: 6pm – 7pm
Thursday: 4pm – 5pm

Gymnasts will focus on back handspring, round-off back handsprings, front handspring and back hip circles.
Age: 5+

$60 (Winter I &II, Spring I)

Flexette Flyers (Instructor invite only)

Monday & Wednesday: 5pm – 6pm
This is a class for girls that have progressed out of Level 4 and want to spend more time in the gymnastics center. These gymnasts are on the track to the competitive team or are wanting to be in the gym for more training hours. Participants will focus on more difficult skills in all of the four events, including back tucks, squat-ons and front tucks.
Age: 5+

$80 (Winter I &II, Spring I)

Junior Ninja Warrior

Monday: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Wednesday: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

This action-packed class offers a unique, one-of-a kind experience. The focus will be on safety progressions, basic tumbling skills, strength and flexibility. The boys will be working on handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls. Participants will be introduced to entry-obstacle courses, flips and tricks. No previous gymnastics experience needed.
Age: 5+

$60 (Spring I)

Intermediate Ninja Warrior

Thursday: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Participants are now ready to learn more advanced gymnastics skills. Boys will be learning back saltos, front saltos, bar skills and more advanced skills on the trampoline. Participants will also be practicing more advanced strength and conditioning skills.
Age: 5+

$60 (Winter I &II, Spring I)

Carrollton Ninja Warrior

BOYS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
GIRLS: Wednesday: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
This class will work on strength, balance, endurance, obstacle courses, flips and tricks. No previous gymnastics experience needed.
Ages: 8 – 12

$60 (Winter I &II, Spring I)

Gymnastics Private Lessons

Private lessons provide one-on-one instruction as the student works on perfecting a specific skill and are available to all gymnasts enrolled in the program, whether it is through our class program or our competitive team. Private time is often encouraged by the coaches, however a personal request can be made as well. Lessons are limited to instructor availability. Prices are per each 30-minute session.
Ages: 6+

$25 (one lesson), $40 (two lessons), $54 (three lessons)

Gymnastics Field Trips

Field Trips for all ages are available to groups in our gymnastics facility on Fridays, pending availability. We provide age-appropriate activities as well as trained staff on site for a safe and fun experience. For pricing and availability, contact Kaitlyn Gosnell at 770-834-1127 or Reservations are booked through Janice Kerr at 770-832-1161 or