Disc golf is one of America’s fastest growing sports. Enjoy our award-winning 18-hole course, professionally designed by John Houck. This course, with its unique mix of shaded open holes, forested technical holes and water crossings, will spur you into a good workout as you walk the 2.5-mile route. Each hole has at least two tee boxes, some have three, making it great for beginners as well as advanced players.The course has been recognized by the Professional Disc Golf Association and has won awards as one of the top courses in the US each year since its development. The course hosts several tournaments every year. Come play a round. For tournament information and reservations, please contact 770.834.8522.
Cost: Free to play
Events & Tournaments: $150. Must complete a registration packet.

The Fitness Court at Hobbs Farm lets you enjoy a workout in nature. Enjoy this unique, rubber-mulched workout area to start you on the road to fitness. Each station provides signage that details beginner, intermediate and high level workouts and provides examples of what you can do on alternating days. The fitness court is designed for young adults through seniors. Walk a mile around Hobbs Farm Loop, then get in a workout and go again.

Remember the fun of riding your bicycle as a kid? Relive that by getting on a bicycle and enjoying nature for a few miles. This course is fun on a bike, walking, running or chasing your kids as they run or ride away from you. Rent a bike or bring your own to see miles of parks and natural areas in a safe and comfortable environment. Start by riding the mile around Hobbs Farm then expand your rides by exploring the other trailheads located conveniently around Carrollton. Eventually go for it and ride the full loop, it is easier than you might think.

“I remember riding trails as a kid and thinking I wish I had a winding trail that went on for miles. The GreenBelt is just that; a curvy, fun beautiful trail that allows you to see and enjoy nature and calm you, mind and spirit.”